LVSD link up to 112 MHz

This new PCI board (Short PCI form factor) is able to accept a daughter board (PMC form factor) which can have PMC or Mictor connectors.
The document relatives to the mother board are below (Schematic, PCB implemetation, part_list...)

  • -Presentation
  • -documentation
  • -Schematique
  • -PCB implementation
  • -FPGA impletation The top file is TOP.BDF (those files have to be used in Quartus environment)

  • Up to now, two daughter boards is under development. There are two PMC board with LVDS technology.
        One to transmit 64-bit and control up to 112 MHz , and to receive feedback control.
        The other to receive 64-bit and control up to 122 MHz, and to transmit feedback control (the symetric of the fisrt).
    Schematics are below. SOONER the PCN implemetation.
  • LVDS_transmitter
  • LVDS_receiver

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