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HAL::PersistentCommandSequencer Class Reference

Adds persistency to the CommandSequencer. More...

#include <PersistentCommandSequencer.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 PersistentCommandSequencer (std::string configurationFile, const AddressTableInterface &addressTable) throw ( IllegalOperationException )
 Constructor of the class.
 ~PersistentCommandSequencer ()
void registerSequence (std::string sequenceName)
void deleteSequence (std::string sequenceName) throw ( IllegalValueException )
void deleteSequences ()

Private Member Functions

void loadSequences ()
void saveSequences ()

Private Attributes

std::string configurationFile
const AddressTableInterfaceaddressTable
std::map< std::string,
CommandSequenceReader * > 

Detailed Description

Adds persistency to the CommandSequencer.

This class is a CommandSequencer which saves its internal status in a file. When the program is restarted the status is reloaded from the file so that previously registered sequences are immediately available, also after a restart of the program. This class is convenient for small test programs.

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Christoph Schwick
2007/03/05 17:44:00

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HAL::PersistentCommandSequencer::PersistentCommandSequencer ( std::string  configurationFile,
const AddressTableInterface addressTable 
) throw ( IllegalOperationException )

Constructor of the class.

configurationFileis the fileName of the file where the status of the CommandSequencer is saved. Each line in the file contains the name of a sequence file. Also the last entry must be followed by a carriage return.

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Member Function Documentation

void HAL::PersistentCommandSequencer::deleteSequence ( std::string  sequenceName) throw ( IllegalValueException ) [virtual]

Reimplemented from HAL::CommandSequencer.

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Reimplemented from HAL::CommandSequencer.

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void HAL::PersistentCommandSequencer::registerSequence ( std::string  sequenceName)

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Member Data Documentation

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