Generic hardware access library
generichal Namespace Reference


config::PackageInfo getPackageInfo ()
void checkPackageDependencies () throw (config::PackageInfo::VersionException)
std::set< std::string,
std::less< std::string > > 
getPackageDependencies ()


const std::string package = "generichal"
const std::string versions = GENERICHAL_FULL_VERSION_LIST
const std::string description = "Hardware Access Library"
const std::string authors = "Christoph Schwick"
const std::string summary = "Main library for the HAL"
const std::string link = ""

Function Documentation

void generichal::checkPackageDependencies ( ) throw (config::PackageInfo::VersionException)

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std::set< std::string, std::less< std::string > > generichal::getPackageDependencies ( )

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config::PackageInfo generichal::getPackageInfo ( )

Variable Documentation

const std::string generichal::authors = "Christoph Schwick"

Definition at line 29 of file version.h.

const std::string generichal::description = "Hardware Access Library"

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const std::string generichal::link = ""

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const std::string generichal::package = "generichal"

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const std::string generichal::summary = "Main library for the HAL"

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