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HAL::SetBitFactory Class Reference

The class constructs setBit Commands. More...

#include <SetBitFactory.hh>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~SetBitFactory ()
SequencerCommandcreate (std::list< std::string > &arguments, const AddressTableInterface &addressTable, CommandSequence &sequence) throw (SequencerSyntaxError, NoSuchItemException)
 Create an instantiation of a specific SequencerCommand.

Detailed Description

The class constructs setBit Commands.

This class parses the syntax for the setBit-command. For the detailed syntax see SetBitCommand.

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Christoph Schwick
2009/01/14 18:10:06

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual HAL::SetBitFactory::~SetBitFactory ( ) [inline, virtual]

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Member Function Documentation

HAL::SequencerCommand * HAL::SetBitFactory::create ( std::list< std::string > &  arguments,
const AddressTableInterface addressTable,
CommandSequence sequence 
) throw (SequencerSyntaxError, NoSuchItemException) [virtual]

Create an instantiation of a specific SequencerCommand.

addressTablemight be used in the implementations of this. interface.
sequenceis forwarded to the contructor of the command.

Implements HAL::AbstractCommandFactory.

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