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HAL::DefineCommand Class Reference

SequencerCommand to define a new Variable. More...

#include <DefineCommand.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 DefineCommand (std::string variableName, bool hasInitialization, CommandSequence &sequence)
virtual ~DefineCommand ()
void setInitValuePointer (uint32_t *initValPtr)
 Used by the DefineFactory.
void setInitValue (uint32_t initVal)
 Used by the DefineFactory.
void excecute (const HardwareDeviceInterface &device) const throw ()
 This routine is common to all Sequencer commands.

Private Attributes

bool hasInitialization
uint32_t initValue
uint32_t * initValuePtr
std::string variableName
uint32_t * variablePtr

Detailed Description

SequencerCommand to define a new Variable.

Variable name must start with a "$". The syntax is "define $name [initValue]";

If the initValue is omitted the variable initialized to 0 BEFORE THE SEQUENCE IS EXCECUTED FOR THE FIRST TIME (i.e. at creation time of the sequence). This means that if the sequence is excecuted a second time, the value of the variable is the same as the one at the end of the previous excecution of the sequence (if not a program has changed its value in the meantime with the setVariable method of the CommandSequencer). If initValue is given the Variable is initialized to this value EACH TIME THE SEQUENCE IS EXCECUTED

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Christoph Schwick
2007/03/05 18:02:09

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HAL::DefineCommand::DefineCommand ( std::string  variableName,
bool  hasInitialization,
HAL::CommandSequence sequence 

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virtual HAL::DefineCommand::~DefineCommand ( ) [inline, virtual]

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Member Function Documentation

void HAL::DefineCommand::excecute ( const HardwareDeviceInterface device) const throw () [virtual]

This routine is common to all Sequencer commands.

It does what it pretends to do.

Implements HAL::SequencerCommand.

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void HAL::DefineCommand::setInitValue ( uint32_t  initVal)

Used by the DefineFactory.

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void HAL::DefineCommand::setInitValuePointer ( uint32_t *  initValPtr)

Used by the DefineFactory.

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Member Data Documentation

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uint32_t HAL::DefineCommand::initValue [private]

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uint32_t* HAL::DefineCommand::initValuePtr [private]

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std::string HAL::DefineCommand::variableName [private]

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uint32_t* HAL::DefineCommand::variablePtr [private]

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