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HAL::CommandSequenceReader Class Reference

The Interface for a Reader of command sequences. More...

#include <CommandSequenceReader.hh>

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Public Member Functions

bool next (std::list< std::string > &commandStringList)
 Delivers the next command in the sequence.
virtual void rescan ()=0
 Resets the reader to the start.
virtual ~CommandSequenceReader ()

Protected Member Functions

 CommandSequenceReader ()
 The constructor is PROTECTED.

Protected Attributes

std::list< std::list
< std::string > > 
bool firstAccess

Private Attributes

std::list< std::list
< std::string > >::iterator 

Detailed Description

The Interface for a Reader of command sequences.

This interface is used in the constructor of the CommandSequence to build up the sequence. This class should not be instantiated directly. It is the child classes which implement the different methods for retrieving commands from different media (file, database, memory, ...) or from different representation formats (ASCII, XML, ...). The functionality to retrieve the data from the reader is implemented in this class.

Christoph Schwick
2007/03/05 18:02:09

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

The constructor is PROTECTED.

Nobody should ever instantiate this class directly.

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Member Function Documentation

bool HAL::CommandSequenceReader::next ( std::list< std::string > &  commandStringList)

Delivers the next command in the sequence.

commandStringListis a reference to a list of strings which contains the complete command.
false if there is no more command.

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virtual void HAL::CommandSequenceReader::rescan ( ) [pure virtual]

Resets the reader to the start.

The Sequence can now be read another time.

Implemented in HAL::CommandSequenceASCIIReader.

Member Data Documentation

std::list< std::list< std::string > > HAL::CommandSequenceReader::commandList [protected]

Definition at line 52 of file CommandSequenceReader.hh.

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std::list< std::list< std::string > >::iterator HAL::CommandSequenceReader::it [private]

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