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HAL::CommandSequenceASCIIReader Class Reference

Reads a command sequence from a plain ASCII file. More...

#include <CommandSequenceASCIIReader.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 CommandSequenceASCIIReader (std::string fileName) throw (NoSuchFileException)
 ~CommandSequenceASCIIReader ()
void rescan () throw (NoSuchFileException)
 Resets the reader to the start.

Private Member Functions

void scanInputFile ()

Private Attributes

std::string fileName

Detailed Description

Reads a command sequence from a plain ASCII file.

The format of the file can be best explained with an example:

            # comments are allowed if the line starts with a "#"
            write memStart 0x1111
            write mem0 18
            write mem1 0x11
            # empty lines also are allowed
            define $offset 0
            define $count 0x0
            label loop
            write memStart $count $offset
            add $count 1
            add $offset 4
            goto loop $offset <= 0x10
            print Last value written was dec $count at offset hex $offset
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Christoph Schwick
2007/03/05 18:02:09

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Resets the reader to the start.

The Sequence can now be read another time.

Implements HAL::CommandSequenceReader.

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