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HAL::AddCommand Class Reference

Adding a constant to a varible. More...

#include <AddCommand.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 AddCommand (std::string variable, CommandSequence &sequence) throw (SequencerSyntaxError)
virtual ~AddCommand ()
void excecute (const HardwareDeviceInterface &device) const throw ()
 This routine is common to all Sequencer commands.
void setOp (long constant)
void setOpPointer (long *opPtr)

Private Attributes

long constant
long * opPtr
uint32_t * variablePointer

Detailed Description

Adding a constant to a varible.

Syntax in the Sequence: Add $varname value. Value can be a constant or a variable itself.


add $myvar 0x5

add $myvar $yourvar

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Christoph Schwick
2007/03/05 18:02:09

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HAL::AddCommand::AddCommand ( std::string  variable,
HAL::CommandSequence sequence 
) throw (SequencerSyntaxError)

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virtual HAL::AddCommand::~AddCommand ( ) [inline, virtual]

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Member Function Documentation

void HAL::AddCommand::excecute ( const HardwareDeviceInterface device) const throw () [virtual]

This routine is common to all Sequencer commands.

It does what it pretends to do.

Implements HAL::SequencerCommand.

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void HAL::AddCommand::setOp ( long  constant)

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void HAL::AddCommand::setOpPointer ( long *  opPtr)

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Member Data Documentation

long HAL::AddCommand::constant [private]

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long* HAL::AddCommand::opPtr [private]

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uint32_t* HAL::AddCommand::variablePointer [private]

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