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HAL::AbstractCommandFactory Class Reference

#include <AbstractCommandFactory.hh>

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HAL::AddFactory HAL::CheckFactory HAL::DefineFactory HAL::GotoFactory HAL::LabelFactory HAL::PollItemFactory HAL::PrintFactory HAL::ReadFactory HAL::ResetBitFactory HAL::SetBitFactory HAL::UnmaskedReadFactory HAL::UnmaskedWriteFactory HAL::WriteFactory

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~AbstractCommandFactory ()
virtual SequencerCommandcreate (std::list< std::string > &arguments, const AddressTableInterface &addressTable, CommandSequence &sequence)=0 throw (SequencerSyntaxError, NoSuchItemException)
 Create an instantiation of a specific SequencerCommand.

Protected Member Functions

uint32_t stringToNumber (std::string numberString) throw (SequencerSyntaxError)
 A helper function to convert constant parameters.

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

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Member Function Documentation

virtual SequencerCommand* HAL::AbstractCommandFactory::create ( std::list< std::string > &  arguments,
const AddressTableInterface addressTable,
CommandSequence sequence 
) throw (SequencerSyntaxError, NoSuchItemException) [pure virtual]

Create an instantiation of a specific SequencerCommand.

addressTablemight be used in the implementations of this. interface.
sequenceis forwarded to the contructor of the command.

Implemented in HAL::AddFactory, HAL::UnmaskedWriteFactory, HAL::WriteFactory, HAL::PollItemFactory, HAL::DefineFactory, HAL::ResetBitFactory, HAL::SetBitFactory, HAL::UnmaskedReadFactory, HAL::CheckFactory, HAL::GotoFactory, HAL::LabelFactory, HAL::PrintFactory, and HAL::ReadFactory.

uint32_t HAL::AbstractCommandFactory::stringToNumber ( std::string  numberString) throw (SequencerSyntaxError) [protected]

A helper function to convert constant parameters.

Often parameters are numbers which can be given in hexadecimal notation (e.g. "0xfe") or in decimal notation (e.g. "254"). This function converts the strings apropriately to a number.

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