Generic hardware access library
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
HAL::AddCommandAdding a constant to a varible
HAL::AddFactoryThe class constructs Add Commands
HAL::AddressOutOfLimitsExceptionIndicates that an address is not in the range of the address defined in an addressTable
HAL::AddressTableImplementation of a AddressTableInterface
HAL::AddressTableContainerInterfaceCreates AddressTables and keeps them
HAL::AddressTableInterfaceThe user interface for the AddressTable
HAL::AddressTableItemContains data of an AddressTable item
HAL::AddressTableReaderAn interface defining how to read AddressTableItems from an implementation of this class
HAL::ASCIIFileAddressTableContainerRetrieves AddressTables for a given SerialNumber
HAL::ASCIIFileModuleMapperReads an ASCII file to map serialNumbers to typeIds and baseAddresses
HAL::BusAdapterExceptionThrown if there is a problem in the BusAdapter
HAL::CheckCommandSequencerCommand to check the value of an item agains an expectation
HAL::CheckFactoryThe class constructs Check Commands
HAL::CommandCreatorA class to construct SequencerCommand Objects
HAL::CommandSequenceA series of commands which can be excecuted at once
HAL::CommandSequenceASCIIReaderReads a command sequence from a plain ASCII file
HAL::CommandSequenceReaderThe Interface for a Reader of command sequences
HAL::DefineCommandSequencerCommand to define a new Variable
HAL::DefineFactoryThe class constructs Define Commands
HAL::DeviceIdentifierContains information to identifiy a hardware device unambiguously on the bus
HAL::DOMToPCIMapConverterConverts a DOM-tree to a list of AddressTableItems
HAL::DOMToVMEMapConverterConverts a DOM-tree to a list of AddressTableItems
HAL::GeneralHardwareAddressSpecifies the address and access mode for an item
HAL::GotoCommandSequencerCommand to define a new Goto
HAL::GotoFactoryThe class constructs Goto Commands
HAL::HalHash< _Key >Template class for a hash function
HAL::HalHash< std::string >
HAL::HardwareAccessExceptionThe baseclass of all exceptions thrown in this library
HAL::HardwareDeviceThe implementation of the hardwareDeviceInterface
HAL::HardwareDeviceInterfaceThe interface to ALL hardware devices
HAL::HardwareProblemExceptionIndicates a problem with the hardware
HAL::IllegalOperationExceptionIndicates the use of a operation in an inapropriate context
HAL::IllegalValueExceptionIndicates a wrong value used in the program
HAL::LabelCommandSequencerCommand to define a new Label
HAL::LabelFactoryThe class constructs Label Commands
HAL::VME64xCrate::MappedItemA helper structure which stores information about an occupied region of the address space
HAL::VME64xCrate::MappedItemSorterA functor to sort the list of occupied address regions
HAL::MaskBoundaryExceptionIndicates that a value has bits set which are outside of a specified mask
HAL::ModuleMapperInterfaceAn interface to retrieve information on a module with a given serial number
HAL::NoSuchDeviceExceptionIndicates a wrong value used in the program
HAL::NoSuchFileExceptionIndicates a wrong value used in the program
HAL::NoSuchItemExceptionIndicates a wrong value used in the program
HAL::PCIAddressTableThe Address Table for PCI Devices
HAL::PCIAddressTableASCIIReaderA class to read in an ASCII file with an AddressTable description
HAL::PCIAddressTableDOMReaderA class to read DOM representation of a PCIAddressTable
HAL::PCIAddressTableDynamicReaderA reader which can be used to create PCIAddressTables dynamically
HAL::PCIAddressTableXMLFileReaderA class to read a file with an XML representation of a PCIAddressTable
HAL::PCIBusAdapterInterfaceInterface to the PCI-bus hardware
HAL::PCIDeviceImplementation of a PCI Hardware device
HAL::PCIDeviceIdentifierSome extensions to the DeviceIdentifier for PCI
HAL::PCIHardwareAddressSpecifies address and access mode for PCI items
HAL::PollItemCommandSequencerCommand to poll an item
HAL::PollItemFactoryThe class constructs PollItem Commands
HAL::PrintCommandSequencerCommand to print something on the console
HAL::PrintFactoryThe class constructs Print Commands
HAL::ReadCommandSequencerCommand to perform a read operation into from a hardware device
HAL::ReadFactoryThe class constructs Read Commands
HAL::ResetBitCommandSequencerCommand to set a single bit in the hardware
HAL::ResetBitFactoryThe class constructs resetBit Commands
HAL::SequencerCommandInterface for the a command for the CommandSequencer
HAL::SequencerSyntaxErrorIndicates a syntax error in a CommandSequence
HAL::SetBitCommandSequencerCommand to set a single bit in the hardware
HAL::SetBitFactoryThe class constructs setBit Commands
HAL::TimeoutExceptionIndicates that a timeout has expired
HAL::UnmaskedReadCommandSequencerCommand to perform a unmaskedRead operation from from a hardware device
HAL::UnmaskedReadFactoryThe class constructs UnmaskedRead Commands
HAL::UnmaskedWriteCommandSequencerCommand to perform a unmaskedWrite operation into a hardware device
HAL::UnmaskedWriteFactoryThe class constructs unmaskedWrite Commands
HAL::UnsupportedExceptionIndicates that the call or option is not supported by the current implementation
HAL::VerifyExceptionIndicates an Error during verification of a written value
HAL::VME64xAddressTableASCIIReaderA class to read in an ASCII file with an AddressTable description
HAL::VME64xCrateBrowses the contents of a crate and delivers the VME-Modules contained in the crate
HAL::VME64xHardwareAddressSpecifies address and access mode for VME64x items
HAL::VME64xMappedWindowRepresentation of a mapped Address space window for a VME module
HAL::VMEAddressTableThe Address Table for VME Devices
HAL::VMEAddressTableASCIIReaderA class to read in an ASCII file with an VME AddressTable description
HAL::VMEAddressTableDOMReaderA class to read DOM representation of a VMEAddressTable
HAL::VMEAddressTableDynamicReaderA reader which can be used to create VMEAddressTables dynamically
HAL::VMEAddressTableXMLFileReaderA class to read a file with an XML representation of a VMEAddressTable
HAL::VMEBusAdapterInterfaceInterface to the VME-bus hardware
HAL::VMEConfigurationSpaceAddressReaderA reader which generated the VME64x configuration space
HAL::VMEConfigurationSpaceDeviceA VME Device with customized hardware read- and write-methods in order to access the VME64x configuration space
HAL::VMEConfigurationSpaceHandlerBrowses the contents of a crate and delivers the VME-Modules contained in the crate
HAL::VMEDeviceImplementation of a VME Hardware device
HAL::VMEHardwareAddressSpecifies address and access mode for VME items
HAL::VMESlotConcept: Everything which is related to the VME64x configuration space (NOT the user defined one) is handled by the slot
HAL::VME64xCrate::WindowSorterA functor to sort the list of mapped Windows
HAL::WriteCommandSequencerCommand to perform a write operation into a hardware device
HAL::WriteFactoryThe class constructs Write Commands
HAL::XMLProcessingExceptionIndicates a problem during processing of a XML Document