Library of Bus-Adapters
HAL::PCILinuxDeviceIdentifier Class Reference

The DeviceIdentifier for the PCILinuxBusAdapter. More...

#include <PCILinuxDeviceIdentifier.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 PCILinuxDeviceIdentifier (xpci::Address deviceConfigAddress, bool swapFlag=false)
virtual ~PCILinuxDeviceIdentifier ()
 Destruction of the Identifier and the maps.
xpci::Address getConfigAddress ()
uint32_t getPCIBusAddress (uint32_t iBar) const throw (BusAdapterException)
 Sets the internal data array "maps[]".
bool doSwap () const
 Returns an internal state variable, set in the constructor.
std::string printString () const

Private Attributes

xpci::Address deviceConfigAddress
bool swapFlag

Detailed Description

The DeviceIdentifier for the PCILinuxBusAdapter.

The class contains data which is needed by the PCILinuxBusAdapter to perform configuration space accesses. In addition it keeps pointers to the address maps which the PCIBusAdapter created for memory mapped hardware accesss (used in memory accesses). They are used when unregistering the device in order to destroy the mapping.

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Christoph Schwick
2007/03/05 17:54:12

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HAL::PCILinuxDeviceIdentifier::PCILinuxDeviceIdentifier ( xpci::Address  deviceConfigAddress,
bool  swapFlag = false 

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Destruction of the Identifier and the maps.

The memory maps which are related to the hardware device identified by this identifier are destroyed by this desructor.

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Member Function Documentation

Returns an internal state variable, set in the constructor.

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uint32_t HAL::PCILinuxDeviceIdentifier::getPCIBusAddress ( uint32_t  iBar) const throw (BusAdapterException)

Sets the internal data array "maps[]".

HardwareAccessExceptionis thrown if the index ix is out of range. Returns the bus-addresses for a given BAR. This function is useful if the busAddress must be given to a DMA engine.

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Member Data Documentation

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