Library of Bus-Adapters
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
HAL::CAENDeviceIdentifierStores specific device information for the CAENLinuxBusAdapter
HAL::CAENLinuxBusAdapterBusAdapter for the PC-to-VME interfaces from CAEN
HAL::ConfigurationSpaceFileReaderReads the description of a VME64x CR/CSR from an ASCII file
HAL::PCIDummyBusAdapterA dummy PCIBusAdapter in order to work without hardware
HAL::PCILinuxBusAdapterA memory mapped PCI bus adapter for use in Linux PCs
HAL::PCILinuxDeviceIdentifierThe DeviceIdentifier for the PCILinuxBusAdapter
HAL::VME64xDummyBusAdapterA dummy VME64xBusAdapter in order to work without hardware
HAL::VMEDummyBusAdapterA dummy VMEBusAdapter in order to work without hardware