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GIII Jtag programmer for PCI


Current version:
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  1. uncompress the jtag.tgz file: gtar -xzvf jtag.tgz
  2. go in directory jtag
  3. compile the software for the PCI driver: gmake i2ocore
  4. compile the software for to charge the GIII via jtag: gmake jtag
  5. create the device-files :
    1. become superuser (root)
    2. gmake device-files
  6. load the driver into the kernel:
    1. become superuser (root)
    2. gmake load-modules
  7. step 6 must be repeated after each reboot


  1. go into the directory jtag/src
  2. copy your .jbc file into this directory
  3. execute the program jbimain according to your needs

JBIMAIN mini manual


            ./jbimain -x{vendorid} -y{deviceid} -z{index}  [-c] [-a{action} filename]


[...] : otional
{...} : parameters to be filled in:

vendorid : the PCI vendor-id in hex of your GIII (usually ecd6)
deviceid : the PCI device-id in hex of your GIII
index : the PCI index in hex of the GIII you want to access (0 if you only have one GIII in your PC)

possible actions:
erase : erases the EEPROM (EPC2) containing the GIII firmware
blankcheck : checks if the EEPROM is erased
verify : verifies the contents of the EEPROM against the file [filename]
program : erases and programs the EEPROM with the file [filename]

ATTENTION: ALL actions need a jbc-file given by the user. (In case of the blankcheck or the erase action you can give any valid jbc file (but not any file!) )

-c option:
this option loads the EEPROM contents into the GIII without rebooting your PC. The program internally reads out the PCI baseaddresses and the Command register of the PCI configuraiton space, memorizes them. Then it reloads the FPGA with the EEPROM contents. Finally it rewrites the baseaddresses and the command register into the FPGA so that the PC does not need to rescan the PCI bus. CAUTION: This of course only works if the new FPGA firmware occupies the same amount of memory for each baseaddress as the previously loaded firmware. If this condition is not given you must reboot your PC in order to redo the PCI scan. The -c option can be given together with the -aprogram option.

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