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1 Introduction
2 VME64x in CMS
3 VMEBridges


These pages contain information on the use of VME in CMS. In particular they server the following purposes:
  • Maintain CMS wide design rules for VME interface designers. These make it possible to create a homogenous software environment to access VME modules in the CMS experiment.
  • Maintain information on the PCI-to-VME bridges used in CMS. This includes development status information, lists of bugs or shortcomings in either sofware or hardware components, and some performance measurements.
  • The pages contain a set of drivers for the PCI-to-VME bridges supported by the CMS online group. The drivers are tested or if necessary modified so that they fit into the CMS online environment. They are compatible with the CMS Hardware Access Library (HAL) and are contained in the (DAQKit).
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