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1 Introduction
2 VME64x in CMS
3 VMEBridges
    3.1 CAEN
        3.1.1 Technical Info
        3.1.2 Status
        3.1.3 Software
        3.1.4 Firmware
        3.1.5 Measurements
    3.2 SBS

3.1.1 Technical Info

Power consumption

The following values have been measured by CAEN on the V2718:
Supply voltagecurrentremark
5V1Aongoing data transfers
5V0.8Ano VME activity
-12V150mAAll Lemo outputs configured for NIM and driving
-12V40mALemo outputs inactive or configured for TTL levels
12V0mAConnected but not used.

The 9U solution

  • The majority of the VMEControllers in CMS will be housed in 9U crates. CAEN will provide us with a solution to put the Controller in a 9U crate. A prototype of the adapter has been tested by CMS and is found to work satisfactory.
  • It will NOT be possible to adapt 6U modules to the 9U version.
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