DAQ Column status

Finished and presented results for the TDR.
After various tests and a dozen new options the '32k performance problem' was traced to a GM performance drop when using more than 64 MB memory.
Try to run with two myrinet cards. Still problems setting up fedkit in the new linux machines, therefore only fake data yet (but previous measurements showed that we were limited by the network, not the input). The two cards work noticeably slower than separately, see plot. [eps] [pdf] The measurements were done with fake data and fake triggers on the Dell and on the new Grand Champion (2 CPU) machines. The RU and the EVM have two myrinet cards, while there are two BUs with one card each, all connected to the same switch. For 'alias' (blue line) only one card in the EVM was used.
Working system cleaned up and checked in. Now we use the latest fedkit and the latest XDAQ release.
Measured dependence on number of resources. No significant dependence between 4000 and 40 resources. This is expected since the BU frees the resources inmediately after the event has been built.
The measurement was done with a bundling of 10 requests per message both for the BU->EVM (available) and for the EVM->RU (send) messages, 16kB blocksize, random and fixed fragment size, with the Dell as the RU. [ps] [pdf]
Extended measurement to lower values, with the same configuration, same bundling of 10 requests per message. The degradation of the performance is observed starting at 20 resources for small fragments, which is the double of the bundling parameter. The system remains operational as long as the number of resources is higher than the bundling parameter. The new plots: