Plans for the second DAQ column prototype

Updated 28-06-2002.

Column with PC-based RU

HW components

Trigger system

SW components

Each PC will run XDAQ. Done.

Implementation plan

  1. Run new XDAQ on all PCs Done.
  2. Run new XDAQ on VME PPC -> Use SBS. Done.
  3. Trigger generator NIM logic Done.
  4. Trigger through TTCvi Done.
  5. GUI control -> use xdaqWin and RCMS instead. Cancelled
  6. Read out TTCrx Done.
  7. Veto from TTCrx Done.
  8. Generate data Done.
  9. Veto from GIII Done.
  10. Data into RU Done.
  11. Data out of RU Done.
  12. Data into BU Done.
  13. Data transfer using Myrinet
  14. Performance measurements
  15. Simulate multiple RU/BU messaging

Extension possibilities